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Steam Keygen Download

March 25, 2012
By Admin in

Steam Key generator

It’s finally here ! This tool has cost us oh so much money, time, blood and sweat. Before releasing this, we were curious how much did we actually spend on different steam keys and games to figure out their algorithms. We don’t really want to make the amount public but I can assure you that we had a total of over 3200 steam product keys which were for a total of 226 games. A lot of sites that liked our project actually donated us some keys as well, such as . We had most trouble with implementing games that are massively played online, these seem to be most popular and the algorithms are so much more complex. Modern Warfare 2 Steam Keygen is something a lot of people look for monthly, and WE are the only people who have actually released a working one, so enjoy :)

Steam Keygen download

Enough blabbering, time to get to the actual download eh ? Firstly, you should download the tool by pressing the download image below.

The download will unlock instantly if you like our facebook fanpage:

Fans will also get instant updates and loads of extra games on the generator, for free!

Steam Keygen Download


Just in case you haven’t watched the video below or checked out our Facebook fanpage, here’s a small image of the tool:

steam keygen

When you’re done, simply open up the program ( you will need to install .net framework 2 which you can get from microsofts official page ) and pick a game from the list that you would like to generate a product key for, such as Black Ops. The list is in alphabetical order to make it easier to find your desired game. Next you should simply press generate, wait till the progress bar is all green and your key will appear in the text box below. You must be connected to the internet to be able to generate a key, the program connects with our databases to get the latest algorithms and other necessary information that we couldn’t risk putting straight in the program ( damn crackers ). Occasionally you will be prompted to download an update, that’s usually caused by big changes in steams systems or a major bugfix. Not so serious patches will be implemented automatically upon running the program. We do remind you that our tool relies on steams current product key generation algorithms so do not go crazy with it. We don’t want Steam to catch up on us and change their algorithms as that wouldd deem a lot of our work simply useless.

Here you can see our tool in action, generating a key for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Metro 2033.

Additional information

In case you find any bugs or a broken game on the list, please do contact us at so we can fix it. Also, if you have a game that you’d like to see in our tool which isn’t there yet simply send us an email as well. If possible, do add an used product key with your mail as that’d make our job a little easier, however don’t just start googling for random keys. You should be certain that the product key you send us is for the game you’re requesting or that’d simply mess up everything for us and we’d be doing useless work, you don’t want that do you ? If you see that anyone else is taking credit for our tool, please use the contact form at and let us know.

Make sure you tell all your gaming buddies about this tool, so everyone can have some fun :)