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By Admin in Steam Keygen

So most of you are probably wondering, how is it possible that a simple program can generate thousands of dollars worth game product keys ? There are several ways to do this. We’ll be explaining three methods on how keys can be generated. We use only one of these methods, as it has been the easiest for us.

Firstly, steam product keys usually 20 to 25 characters long, they can consist of both letters and numbers. Every steam product key is case insensitive, which means that you can input the code in all uppercase or lowercase, it will work either way. An example of a steam product key which has already been used would be „ZBP2E-F3FV8-KMLLK-IX5NB-LJPHZ“. That’s one of the first codes that we generated and it was for counter strike 1.6 anthology.

The first method to making a steam keygen, and the one that we use, is figuring out the algorythms that steam uses to generate these codes. To do that, you’ll need a lot of knowledge in maths and cryptography. A little logic won’t hurt either. Firstly, you’ll need to get a lot of used codes for the game you’re trying to figure out the algorythm for. You’ll need to compare the codes, move them around and eventually if you’re smart enough you should start seeing some patterns between them, for cs 1.6 the first one we noticed was that nearly always the 4th digit of the first column is a number. Stuff like that will eventually help you figure it out and then you simply input it in your favourite programming tool such as devc++ and make a few functions to solve it and voila, each time you’ll get a new, working code assuming you’ve gotten the algorythm right and steam doesn’t change it.

The second method is extremely time consuming and barely anyone uses it. It’s called bruteforcing.
It’s a program that spams steams product key activation screens with millions of random codes and prays that some of them work. It starts off with say AAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AAAA and then changes one digit, hoping it works. This method is extremely slow and barely ever works, unless you have some crazy alien computer.

Lastly, possibly the best method – gaining access to a steam administrative account. When you buy a game from a local store, and say the steam product key in the box doesn’t work, you could contact steam support and show them a picture of your game case with the broken key, your name etc and they will generate you a new working code. If you manage to get access to the support members account, you could easily generate any game key simply via their administrative menus. We’ve had access to an account only once and it was an amazing breakthrough in making our tool. We generated nearly 300 keys for different games to investigate their patterns but eventually the account was disabled because they couldn’t get access to it again. I bet the dude got fired for being stupid on picking a weak password ;)

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