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Steam Keygen

March 23, 2012
By Admin in Steam Keygen

Steam is the largest game platform developed by Valve Corporation. It has over 40 million active users and features over 400 games. The community is massive and extremely active, it’s the best way to communicate with your gaming buddies via the steam chat which has voice options and a regular instant messaging chat. This is the best invention for gamers ever since xfire and steamspeak.

You can add games to your free steam account by either purchasing them on steam via paypal, credit card and other payment methods, buying a game in a store and then installing it on steam via DVD. The last option is to enter a steam game key by pressing “Add a product” at the settings menu. Steam Keys can either be obtained in game cases ( purchased from stores ) or via digital orders for steam or other sites. We all know that new games can cost a huge amount of money and everyone doesn’t have that. Torrenting games isn’t exactly a good option either as most of the torrents either do not work or contain viruses.

We’re here to provide you with an amazing alternative – a Steam Keygen ( Key Generator ). We’ve been developing a keygen for steam for approximately 18 months now. Our team has been cracking product key algorithms for games since the end of 2010. Thousands have beenĀ  spent on game keys attempting to figure out the algorithms and we are proud to annoucne that we are almost done.

Currently we support approximately 236 games including the call of duty series, counter strike series and most other majorly popular FPS and RPG games. Some algorithms to go and we can put our tool up for use available to every single person including YOU. Most importantly, we will be giving this away free of charge. Sincerely hoping that you also share this tool with you friends and don’t go over the limit abusing this ( over the limit would be for example adding every single game to your steam account ) That might get steam a little mad at people abusing this and might force them to change their algorithms making all our work and money spent useless – conclusion is to be responsible and don’t abuse the tool you’re given forĀ  free.

The approximate release date for this is actually the 24th of March 2012. We’re practically done and just adding the finishing touches to our Steam Keygen to make it perfect. This is the first Keygenerator for Steam that is able to generate keys for every single steam game with a small exception for discontinued games that cannot be bought anymore.

If you want to help us support old discontinued games as well, please use our contact form or just email and send us some of your used keys. Please add your email so we can send you a little gift in return. Don’t forget to add what game this is for.

Thanks for your patience.

All the best,

Steam Keygens.

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